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MCQs - Class 12 - Vistas - Chapter 5 - Should Wizard Hit Mommy? - by John Updike.

Objective Questions (MCQs):-
(Answer key given below)

1. What change did Jo want in the story 's?
(A) Skunk to smell of roses
(B) Skunk's mommy to relent
(C) Wizard to hit mommy 
(D) Animals to love skunk

2. How did mommy skunk behave with the wizard?
(A) She became angry and hit the wizard.
(B) She was pleased and so hugged the wizard.
(C) She was indifferent to the wizard.
(D) She didn't meet the wizard.

3. The smell of roses was for mommy Skunk.
(A) pleasant
(B) unusual
(C) heavenly
(D) awful

4. With which character of the story did Jack associate himself?
(A) An old man 
(B) An Owl 
(C) A Skunk
(D) A kid

5. Should Wizard hit mommy?' is a ___ within a story.
(A) story
(B) digression
(C) metaphor
(D) moral

6. Jo, a 4 year-old child, is symbolic of____in the story.
(A) obstinacy
(B) smartness
(C) innocence
(D) rebelliousness
7. Why did Jo differ in opinion from her father?
(A) Because she was a child.
(B) Because she was unable to see beyond facial expressions.
(C) Because she wanted a happy ending.
(D) All of these

8. Jo disapproved__________.
(A) Roger's mother having rosy smell 
(B) Wizard hitting Roger's mother 
(C) Roger's mother hitting the wizard
(D) Roger's mother hitting Roger

9. "Daddy." 
"Roger Skunk. You said Roger Fish."
"Yes. Skunk."
The above dialogue shows Jo to be _____ and her father to be____. Choose the correct option to complete the following sentence.
(A) confused; exhausted
(B) rude; careless
(C) vigilant; hasty
(D) disrespectful; disinterested

10 , "Jack didn't like women when they took anything for granted;he liked them apprehensive, hanging on his words."
Choose the option with the correct reference to the textual statement given above.
(A) The way Jo was looking out of the window as if she was not interested annoyed Jack.
(B) The way Clare was shifting the furniture downstairs was irksome to Jack.
(C) The way Jack was not able to make Jo sleep on time was making him restless. 
(D) The way the skunk's mommy in the story didn't listen to his son, irritated Jack.

Answer key:-
1. C
2. A
3. D
4. A
5. A
6. C
7. D
8. C
9. C
10. A

Extract Based MCQs :-

I. "Over the crick and there will be the wizard's house." And that's the way Roger Skunk went and pretty soon he came to a little white house and he rapped on the door." Jack rapped on the window sill and under the covers Jo's tall figure clenched in an infantile thrill. "And then a tiny little old man came out, with a long white beard and a pointed blue hat and said, "Eh? Whatzis? Whatcher want? You smell awful." The wizard's voice was one of Jack's own favourite effects; he did it by scrunching up his face and somehow whining through his eyes, which felt for the interval rheumy. He felt being an old man suited him.

Q.1. Select the option that tells you about Jack being a great storyteller:-
1. Jack knew the right way to the wizard's house as if he had been there.
2. Jack was commendable at giving his story realistic details.
3. Jack's delivery of speech with sound effects was remarkable. 
4. Jack looked like a really old man as if he was the wizard.
(A) 1,2 
(B) 2,3
(C) 3,4
(D) 1,4

Q.2. Pick the option that suitably decodes the wizard's message when he says "Eh? Whatzis?
Whatcher want?".
(A) What is this? What can you want? 
(B) What's this? What do you want?
(C) Who? What can I do? 
(D) Who are you? What you want?

Q.3. What was Jo's reaction to Jack's knock on the window? 
(A) She stiffened in anticipation of something thrilling.
(B) She held on to the covers tightly and compressed her lips. 
(C) She relaxed, knowing that her father was around to protect her.
(D) She instantly responded in the voice of another character.

Answer key:- (of extract I)
1. B
2. B
3. A

II. Jo was starting to fuss with her hands and look out of the window, at the crack of day that showed under the shade. She thought the story was all over Jack didn't like women when they took anything for granted he liked them apprehensive, hanging on his words. "Now, Jo, are you listening?" "Yes" "Because this is very interesting, Roger Skunk's mommy said, "What that awful smell? "who at?" "And, Roger Skunk said, its me Mommy. I smell the roses. And she said" "Who made you smell like that? And he said, "The wizard", and she said, "Well, of all the nerve. You come with me and we're going right back to that very awful wizard."

1. Choose the option that best demonstrates the relevant traits of Jo and Jack respectively, based on the extract provided.
(A) Curious and irritable 
(B) Patient and irritable 
(C) Curious and lethargic
(D) Patient and lethargic

 2. "Jo was starting to fuss with her hands". This means that Jo was:
(A) feeling anxious 
(B) getting restless
(C) feeling lazy
(D) fighting sleep

3. Jo's "What?" indicated what she was feeling. Pick the option that correctly states these feelings.
1. terror
2. surprise
3. ignorance
4. displeasure
5. joy
6. approval
(A) 1 and 3
(B) 2 and 4 
(C) 3 and 6
(D) 4 and 5

4. Mommy says, 'Well, of all the nerve. This reveals her:
(A) approval, surprise and pleasure
(B) pleasure, hope and approval
(C) betrayal, disapproval and hurt
(D) shock, anger and disapproval

Answer key:- (of extract II)
1. A
2. B
3. B
4. D

III. This custom, begun when she was two, was itself now nearly two years old and his head felt empty.

1. Who is 'she' in the above lines?
(A) Joanne
(B) Jack
(C) Joanne's sister
(D) Witch

2. From which lesson have these words been taken?
(A) Deep Water 
(B) The Enemy
(C) Should Wizard Hit Mommy?
(D) The Third Level

 3. What custom is being referred to here?
(A) Morning walking 
(B) Story telling
(C) Self-eating
(D) Doing magic

4. Whose head is being referred here?
(A) Owl
(B) Wizard
(C) Skunk
(D) Jack
Answer key (of extract III) :- 
1. A
2. C
3. B
4. D

IV. Having a fresh hero momentarily stirred Jack to creative enthusiasm. "All right," he said.

1. Who is 'Jack' here?
(A) Father
(B) Owl
(C) Skunk
(D) Wizard

2. Who is a fresh hero'?
(A) Owl
(B) Skunk
(C) Tortoise
(D) Mouse

 3. What was the problem of this 'fresh hero'? (A) Bad humour
(B) Distorted face
(C) Awful smell
(D) Limping

 4. How could Jo know about this creature?
(A) In the class 
(B) In the mall
(C) In the TV
(D) In the Zoo

Answer key (of extract IV):-
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. A

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