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Tenses - Explanation with Examples

Tense: In simple words we can say that, tense is nothing but forms of verb which show us whether an action that once in time took place is still goin on, completed, or will go on.
We use these forms to talk about the present, the past and the future.

The different tenses are :-
1. Simple Present
2. Present continuous
3. Present perfect
4. Present perfect continuous
5. Simple past
6. Past continuous
7. Past perfect
8. Past perfect continuous
9. Simple future
10. Future continuous
11. Future perfect
12. Future perfect continuous 

1. Simple present tense:-
Subject + verb 1 form + object
Example: I am hungry.

It is used to express actions that happen all the time and that are happening at the moment.
Example: We keep our shop open till midnight.

• It is used to express scientific or geographical facts.
Example: Water boils at 100°C.
It rains heavily in Mumbai.

• To express natural quality or profession.
Example: Parents love their children.

• For universal truths.
Example: The earth rotates on its axis.

• To express habit or anything that repeats.
Example: He wakes up at 6 o' clock everyday.

 2. Present Continuous tense:-
Sub + I/am/are + 1st form of verb + ing + object
Example: I am eating my food.

• It is used for an action happening at the time of speaking.
Example: We are discussing tense.

• Action happening nowadays with breaks.
Example: I am reading a novel by tagore.

• To express a definite programme in future. Example: Ma'am is taking an extra class tomorrow.

3. Present perfect tense:-
Subject + has/have + verb 3rd form.
Example: I have completed my work.

It is used for:-
• A very recently finished action.
Example: You are late by a few minutes. The train has left just now.

• An action finished in the past but the effects can still be felt.
Example: The strong wind last night has left some broken window panes.

4. Present Perfect Continuous:-
Subject + has/have+ been + verb 1st form + ing + object.
Example: I have been completing my work.

It is used for:-
• An action that started in the past , is in progress at the time of speaking and will continue in the future.
Example: She has been playing in the park all this time.

5. Simple Past Tense:-
Subject + Verb 3rd form + Object
Example: I ate an icecream.

It is used for:-
• action happened i sometime in the past. Example: His presentation impressed everyone.

• A past habit.
Example: I used to love cold coffee.

6. Past Continuous Tense:-
Subject + was/were + verb 1st form + object
Example: I was completing my work.

It is used for:-
• An action in progress over a period of time in the past.
Example: She was singing melodiously.

• To express parallel action which continued in the past.
Example: My mother was cooking food while my father was reading the magazine.

•To express past frequently repeated action.
Example: She was always complaining about low income.

7. Past Perfect Tense:-
Subject + had + 3rd form of verb + object

• To express an action that completed at a given moment in the past.
Two actions take place:-
1st action in  past perfect.
2nd action in simple past.

Example: The patient had died before the doctor arrived.

8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense:-
Subject + had been + 1st form of verb + ing

It is used for:-
• An action that began in the past, continued for some time and has recently finished.
Example: I had been doing my homework.

• When time expression is given.
Example: My neighbours business had been doing very well when the lockdown happened again.

9. Simple Future Tense:-
Subject + will + 1st form of the verb.

It is used to :-
• Express an action that will happen in the future at some time.
Example: I will return your book after reading.  

For a certain planned action
Example: The train will stop for a few minutes only, let's get close to the door.

• To express thinking or view.
Example: I don't think that this virus will go away easily. 

• To predict an event in the future.
Example: The candidate is going to win the elections.

10. Future continuous tense
Subject + will be + 1st form of verb + ing

It is used for :-
• An action in progress in the future.
Example: I will be having dinner at 8 o' clock.

• Predicting the future.
Example: It will be raining tomorrow.

11. Future Perfect Tense:-
Subject + will have + 3rd form of verb + object

It is used to describe:-
• An action finished at / before a given time in the future.
Example: We will have cleared the old stock at our shop before the fresh stock arrives.

12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense:-
Subject + Will have been + 1st form of verb + ing

It is used to :-
• Express a continued action in future.
Example: She will have been studying for two hours.

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