Sunday, February 25, 2018

Character Sketch of Kothamangalam Subbu

Class XII - English Core - Flamingo - Chapter 6 - Poets and Pancakes

Kothamangalam Subbu

In his book ' My Years with Boss at Gemini Studios' the writer Asokamitran has described Subbu as number two. To reach this position he had worked hard. We find out that 
the Gemini Studios was set up with a team of 600 people in 1940. It had set up its identity in film production and it touched upon varied aspects. Subbu is a many-sided genius and an indispensable man for the studios. He serves his Boss and the organization from the core of his heart. He does not have much education but his loyalty has made him identify with his Principal or the Boss. He uses all his energy and creativity to the advantage of his Boss and his company. He understands all the complexities and technicalities of film-making. In case the director is not satisfied, Subbu comes up with fourteen more alternatives. In this context, he is a dynamic person. During its golden period, Subbu gives Gemini Studios a  new direction and definition. Subbu is a poet and writes his poetry for the masses. His sprawling novel ‘Thillana Mohanambal’ had dozens of lovely characters on the mood and manner of the Devadasis of the early 20th century. Whatever roles Subbu played, he acted better than the main actor. Subbu has a charitable and cheerful personality. He feeds and supports dozens of near and dear ones at his residence but has his own share of enemies. With the closure of the story department, Subbu also lost his job.


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