Class 7

 New Learning to Communicate

Literary Reader (7)


    1. Detective No. 30-L.M. SWENSON
    2. More-than-true-RABINDRANATH TAGORE
      Poem: The Magical Earth-GULZAR
    3. Maggie Cuts Her Hair-GEORGE ELIOT
    4. Lemon-Yellow and Fig-MANOHAR MALGONKAR
    5. The Last Truck Ride-RUSKIN BOND
      Poem: The Tree in Season-ROBERT FISHER
    6. My Financial Career-STEPHEN LEACOCK
    7. Pip's Adventure-CHARLES DICKENS 
    8. A Bitterly Cold Night-PREMCHAND
      Poem: Daybreak-H. W. LONGFELLOW
    9. The Story of My Life-HELEN KELLER
      Poem: I Was Sitting by My Window - LINDA KNAUS AND KENN NESBITT
    10. If I Were You-DOUGLAS JAMES



    Unit 1: Caring for Others

    Section One: 'Every child is free to be a child'

    Section Two: A Christmas Carol -CHARLES DICKENS

    Section Three: The Bridge Builder -WILL ALLEN DROMGOOLE

    Unit 2: The World around Us

    Section One: A True Story about Ladybugs

    Section Two: Adolf-D.H. LAWRENCE

    Section Three: Written in the Fields-JOHN KEATS

    Unit 3: The Importance of Science

    Section One: 'For a while, misunderstood him' -JAYANT NARLIKAR

    Section Two: India's 'Spacewomen'

    Section Three: Retired IAIN CRICHTON-SMITH

    Life Skills-1


    Unit 4: Birds and Animals

    Section One: The Boy and the Swallow -ANIL CHANDRA

    Section Two: A Tiger Comes to Town -R.K. NARAYAN

    Section Three: Milk for the Cat -HAROLD MONRO

    Unit 5: Games and Sports

    Section One: Lady of the Ring

    Section Two: Easily Distracted -KAVITHA MANDANA

    Section Three: Sports Day-DAVID THREADGOLD

    Unit 6: How Mysterious!

    Section One: Uncovering the Ghost of Nancy Drew-PAMELA DEPOTAN

    Section Two: The Adventure of the Three Students ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE

    Section Three: Miracles-WALT WHITMAN

    Life Skills-2


    A Skill-Assessment Plan

    Literary Devices

    Listening Texts

    Workbook (7)


    1. Caring for Others
    2. The World around Us
    3. The Importance of Science
    4. Birds and Animals
    5. Games and Sports
    6. How Mysterious!

    Listening Text


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