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MCQs - The Lament by Anton Chekhov - Class 11 - Woven Words - Elective English

Multiple Choice Questions - The Lament by Anton Chekhov- Class 11 - Woven Words - Elective English CBSE Latest pattern for online test/examination

  1. “It is twilight.” in the opening lines of the story. It indicates that:

    1. It was morning time

    2. It was evening time

    3. It was a cloudy afternoon

    4. It was winter forenoon

  2. The main character in the story is:

    1. Lona Topatov

    2. Iona Potapov

    3. Iona Povatov

    4. Oina Potapov

  3. The story is set in ______________ season.

    1. Summer

    2. Spring

    3. Rainy

    4. Winter

  4. The profession of the main character in the story is:

    1. Hack driver

    2. Cabdriver

    3. Taxidriver

    4. Horse driver

  5. The entire opening paragraph paints a __________ picture in the story.

    1. Gloomy

    2. Joyous

    3. Colourful

    4. Blank

  6. The horse (used by the main character) earlier worked in:

    1. The armed forces

    2. The police

    3. Horse racing

    4. Farms

  7. Fill in the blank:
    “His little horse is also quite white, and remains motionless; its immobility, its angularity and its straight wooden-looking legs, even close by, give it the appearance of a gingerbread horse worth a_____________.”

    1. Penny

    2. Rouble

    3. Kopek

    4. Pi

  8. While waiting for a fare, Iona and his horse hear the first call:

    1. ‘Cabby for Viborg Way!’

    2. ‘Cabby, to the Police Bridge!’

    3. ‘Cabby, to Central Avenue!’

    4. ‘Cabby for Downtown Street!’ 

  9. The first fare call that Iona receives is from___________.

    1. An officer

    2. A policeman

    3. Three young men

    4. A passerby

  10. Who says, ‘What are you doing, werewolf!’?

    1. The humpback

    2. A coachman from a private carriage

    3. A furious passerby

    4. None of the above

  11. What is the name of Iona’s son in the story?

    1. Bernie

    2. Barin

    3. Burn

    4. Bob

  12. Who among the following is Iona’s daughter?

    1. Anissia

    2. Amelia

    3. Adele

    4. Maria

  13. The three youngmen wanted Iona to take them to____________.

    1. Viborg Way

    2. Police Bridge

    3. Central Avenue

    4. Downtown Street

  14. The three young men offered Iona a fare of two____________ for their destination.

    1. Griveniks

    2. Kopeks

    3. Roubles

    4. Cents

  15. Iona agreed with the fare offered by the three young men because___________________.

    1. It was a fair price for the destination.

    2. The three young men were very abusive and he feared they might harm him if he refused them.

    3. He was very sad and to him, it was all the same as long as they were fares.

    4. He thought it better to earn some money instead of sitting idle.

  16. Among the three youngmen there were__________.

    1. One lanky, one fat and a humpback

    2. Three lanky fellows and a humpback

    3. Two short and lean fellows and a humpback

    4. Two lanky fellows and a humpback

  17. ‘Last night at the Donkmasoves, Vaska and I drank the whole of four bottles of cognac.’ says one of the lanky ones. The other lanky man ____________.

    1. Agreed with his statement

    2. Got angry and said it was a lie

    3. Said that he too enjoyed the drink

    4. Became sad as he missed the drink

  18. In response to Iona’s talk ‘‘My son… died this week.’ who said that ‘We must all die.’

    1. Humpback

    2. The officer

    3. One of the lanky fellows

    4. The hall porter

  19. ‘Friend, what sort of time is it?’ Iona asks  ____________.

    1. Humpback

    2. The officer

    3. One of the lanky fellows

    4. a hall porter

  20.  Iona tries to share his grief with many people in the story. Which one has the correct order? A: The Officer, B: The Three Youngmen, C: A Hall Porter, D:  A Young Cabdriver.

    1. A B C D

    2. D A B C

    3. C A B D

    4. D C B A

  21. Match the columns

IONA’s Statement

Addressed to

  1. ‘But listen, mate—you know, my son is dead…Did you hear? This week, in the hospital…It’s a long story.’

1. The Officer

  1. ‘Friend, what sort of time is it?’

2. Three young men

  1. ‘My son… died this week.’

3. A hall porter

  1. ‘My son, Barin, died this week.’

4. A young cab driver

  1. a:1, b:2, c:3, d:4

  2. a:4, b:3, c:2, d:1

  3. a:2, b:3: c:4, d:1

  4.  a:3, b:4, c:1, d:2

  1. How did Iona’s son die?

    1. High fever

    2. Road accident

    3. Tuberculosis 

    4. Snakebite

  2.  Why does Iona think that it is better to talk to women?

    1. they are patient listeners

    2. They are more empathetic than men

    3. They are more emotional

    4. All of the above

  3. Apart from being a cab-horse what other role does the horse play for Iona?

    1. The horse also tills Iona’s farm

    2. The horse acts as a good friend and companion to whom Iona finally shares his grief.

    3. The horse has no other role

    4. The gives him warmth on cold winter nights

  4. What has been the most painful thing for Iona?

    1. His son’s untimely death

    2. The fact that he was not able to share his grief with anyone

    3. The behaviour of people on the streets who constantly cursed him

    4. The three young men who swore and made fun of him


  1. B

6. D

11. B

16. D

21. B

  1. B

7. C

12. A

17. B

22. A

  1. D

8. A

13. B

18. A

23. D

  1. B

9. A

14. A

19. D

24. B

  1. A

10. D

15. C

20. A

25. B