Saturday, September 3, 2022

A proper guide to English exam preparations to score good marks. From a student's perspective.

How do you prepare for your English exams?
Do you take it seriously?
Do you find it difficult?

Well here is the answer to all such questions.
We often take english as a "not so important" subject. But english language has a greater significance in our lives. 
While preparing for your English exams here are some tips that will help you to score outstanding marks in English without much effort:-

• Listen carefully when the teacher is teaching in class. It really helps make the topics much easier.

• Carefully take down notes and mark the points that you feel are new to you. For tips on Note-Making check out our blog by clicking here: The Art of Note - Making

• Revise the topic every few days.

• One day before the exam, revise the topic and practice enough questions that you start feeling confident. You can now practice grammar questions on our website by clicking here: English Grammar

• If the topic is related to literature, read the chapter thoroughly and also practice questions so that you feel confident.
Don't forget to learn the names of authors along with the summary of the chapter.

• After completing the paper revise thoroughly and don't forget to answer every question.

These are the few tips that can help you score outstanding marks without much effort.