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50 Practice questions of Direct and Indirect speech

Before starting I would like to recommend you to check out our other post where we explain (in detail) about direct and indirect with examples, by clicking here: direct and indirect.

I. Convert the following questions into indirect speech:-

1. My friend said, " I am coming to your home"
Answer: My friend said that she was coming to my home.

2. The mother said," The baby is sleeping"
Answer: The mother said that the baby is sleeping.

3. My sister said, "I have read this book".
Answer: My sister said that she had read that book.

4. She said to me,"I will bake a cake."
Answer: She told me that she would bake a cake.

5. The waiter said to the customer, "We don't serve non-veg food."
Answer: The waiter told the customer that they didn't serve non-veg food.

6. Mr. Rajan said to his boss, "The peon is on leave today."
Answer: Mr. Rajan informed his boss that the peon was on leave that day.

7. She said to her friend, "This is the pen I have been looking for."
Answer: She told her friend that that was the pen she had been looking for.

8. Her father said, "The taxi driver charged me extra for being late."
Answer: Her father said that the taxi driver had charged him extra for being late.

9. The little boy said, "Granny you have so many grey hair."
Answer: The Little boy remarked to granny that she had so many grey hair.

10. You said to me, "I did not sleep last night and I cannot work well."
Answer: You told me that you had not slept the previous night and you could not work well.

11. My father said, "the Ganges is the longest river in our country."
Answer: My father said that the Ganges is the longest river in our country.

12. The speaker said, "A wise man always corrects his mistake."
Answer: The speaker said that a wise man always corrects his mistake.

13. My sister said to me, "how did you guess the correct answer?"
Answer: my sister asked me  how I had guessed the correct answer.

14. He said to his friend, "do you like my new bike?"
Answer: He asked his friend if he like his new bike.

15. Sneha said to Asha, "are you happy there?"
Answer: Sneha asked Asha if she was happy there.

16. Mr Singh said to Amit," do you have any relatives in the City?"
Answer: Mr Singh asked Amit if he had any relatives in that city.

17. He said to the principal,"did your school participate in the competition?"
Answer: He asked the principal if his school participated in the competition.

18. Amit said to his friend,"will you keep your promise?"
Answer: Amit asked his friend if he would keep his promise.

19. The boy said to his father,"please give me the keys of your car."
Answer: The boy pleaded to his father to give him the key of his car.

20. I said to her," I shall see you tomorrow."
Answer: I told her that I should see her the next day.

21. The teacher said to the students,"today it is clear, but will rain tomorrow."
Answer: The teacher told the students that that day was clear but it would rain the next day.

22. Ram said, "it rained heavily last night."
Answer: Ram said that it had rained heavily the previous night.

23. He said, "eyes are the reflection of mind."
Answer: He said that eyes are the reflection of mind.

24. The doctor said, "it may take you three months to recover."
Answer: The doctor said that it might take me three months to recover.

25. He said, "I rise at 5:00 a.m. daily."
Answer: He said that he rises at 5 a.m. daily.

26. Allen said to James, "I did not lose your book."
Answer: Allen told James that he had not lost his book.

27. I said to Rita let us play a game of chess to pass the time.
Answer: I suggested to Rita that we should play a game of chess to pass the time.

28. Shilpi said, "mother let me join the school trip to Mysore."
Answer: Shilpi requested her mother to allow her to join the school trip to Mysore.

29. He said to his father let me take your car for a few hours.
Answer: He requested his father to allow him to take his car for a few hours.

30. He said, "may God grant peace to the departed soul!"
Answer: He prayed that God might grant peace to the departed soul.

31. She said to her friend, "good morning! how do you do?"
Answer: she wished her friend good morning and asked how she was doing.

32. My mother said to me, "Happy Birthday dear!"
Answer: My mother lovingly wished me happy birthday.

33. The old man said to me, "may you live long my son!"
Answer: The old man lovingly wished me that I might live long.

34. One of the spectators said, "what super goal!"
Answer: One of the spectators explained that what a superb goal it was.

35. I said to my teacher, "I am sorry for this mistake."
Answer: I apologized to my teacher that i was sorry for that mistake.

36. Priya said to Rita, "were you present at the meeting?"
Answer: Priya asked Rita if she was present at the meeting.

37. The doctor said to me, " did you take the medicine regularly?"
Answer: The doctor asked me if I had taken the medicine regularly.

38. She said to me, " let us go and watch a movie tonight."
Answer: She suggested me that we should go and watch a movie that night.

39. He said, "my sister has been crying since morning."
Answer: He said that his sister has been crying since the morning.

40. Ram said to his classmate, "please lend me your book."
Answer: Ram requested his classmate to lend him his book.

41. She said to me, "let's go shopping."
Answer: She suggested me that we should go shopping.

42. Manoj said, "I am reading a mystery novel."
Answer: Manoj said that he was reading a mystery novel.

43. Nitin said, "I think Delhi is colder than Pune."
Answer: Nitin thought that Delhi was colder than Pune.

44. Amisha said, " let me help you with the arrangements."
Answer: Amisha offered to help him with the arrangements.

45. Sandeep asked Ashraf, "what are you doing this evening?"
Answer: Sandeep asked Ashraf what he was doing that evening.

46. Shyama said, "the weather is great and we are having a good time."
Answer: Shyama said that the weather was great and they were having a good time.

47. I asked a shopkeeper, "could you help me find this address?"
Answer: I asked the shopkeeper if he could help me find that address.

48. Lucy said, "I went to meet Jhon yesterday."
Answer: Lucy said that she had gone to meet Jhon the day before."

49. Josh said, "I will get late for school today."
Answer: Josh said that he would get late for school that day.

50. Rebecca said, "that's a good idea."
Answer: Rebecca remarked that that was a good idea.


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