Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Adjective Clauses with Practice Questions

Clause: It is a group of words that has a subject and tense of its own.
These describe a noun or a pronoun.
For example: The design which I made was liked by everyone.
Adjective clause: Which I made.

Functions of an adjective clause in a sentence:-
It describes a noun or a pronoun.
It gives us further information about the noun or pronoun.
They begin with a 'WH' word or 'that'.
They are placed close to a noun or a pronoun.
They answer the question 'which one' or 'what kind of'
Example: The man who is standing in the corner is my uncle.
Clause: who is standing in the corner.

I. Pick out the adjective clauses in the following sentences:-

1. We will support the candidate who has a clean record.
Answer: Who has a clean record.

2. Mr. Singh is the officer whom you have to meet.
Answer: Whom you have to meet.

3. None of the medicines which the doctors gave worked on me.
Answer: Which the doctor gave.

4. There is nothing that is too hard.
Answer: That is too hard.

5. The car whose headlights were not working met with an accident.
Answer: Whose headlights were not working.

6. A child who is loved develops great confidence.
Answer: Who is loved.

7. Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt helpless.
Answer: When you felt helpless.

8. The monkey which was sitting on the tree suddenly attacked him.
Answer: Which was sitting on the tree.

9. All the dishes which were served were homemade.
Answer: Which were served.

10. The students who were taken to the factory returned very impressed 
Answer: Who were taken to see the factory.

11. I have read all the books which were written by Ruskin Bond.
Answer: which were written by Ruskin Bond.

12. The king who was ill decided to step down.
Answer: Who was ill.

13. We were impressed with the youn girl who sang beautifully.
Answer: Whi sang beautifully.

14. We should try to solve the problems which affect us the most.
Answer: Which affect us the most.

15. All students who are taking part in the annual function should assemble in the field.
Answer: Who are taking part in the annual function.

16. We no longer beleive the stories which she tells us.
Answer: Which she tells us.

17. This is the strangest animal that I have ever seen.
Answer: That I have ever seen.

18. Do you know the girl who wears glasses?
Answer: Who wears glasses.

19. The boy who is standing in the corner is my student.
Answer: Who is standing in the corner.

20. The dog that is living with the neighbours is very obedient.
Answer: That is living with the neighbours.

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