Sunday, March 6, 2022

50+ Practice questions of active and passive voice

Before starting I would like to advise you to check out our post where we explain active and passive voice in detail by clicking here.

Change the following sentences from active to passive:-

1. All the prize winners were given a toffee.
Answer: A toffee was given to all the prize winners.

2. A choreographer arranges dance movements.
Answer: Dance movements are arranged by a choreographer.

3. We keep the restaurant open till midnight.
Answer: The restaurant is kept open till midnight.

4. These books contain a lot of useful information.
Answer: a lot of useful information is contained in these books.

5. Children leave all kinds of things in school.
Answer: all kinds of things are left in the school by children.

6. The river water flooded the village.
Answer: the village was flooded by the river water.

7. My lawyer gave me the details of the case.
Answer: the details of the case were given to me by my lawyer.

8. We will bring out a special edition of the school magazine.
Answer: A special edition of the school magazine will be brought out by us.

9. The government will soon announce a new policy.
Answer: a new policy will be soon announced by the government.

10. A famous person is sponsoring the poor children.
Answer: the poor children are being in sponsored by a famous person.

11. School is adding a video section to our library.
Answer: a video section is being added to our library by the school.

12. The children were enjoying the magic show.
Answer: the magic show was being enjoyed by the children.

13. A dog was guarding the main gate.
Answer: the main gate was being guarded by a dog.

14. A machine has made this bread.
Answer: this bread has been made by a machine.

15. We have requested our teacher to announce the monitor.
Answer: our teacher has been requested to announce the monitor.

16. We must expect All creatures in this world.
Answer: All creatures must be respected in this world.

17. I can speak English.
Answer: English can be spoken by me.

18. He might suffer a loss.
Answer: a loss might be suffered by him.

19. Kindly enter my name in the list.
Answer: you are requested to enter my name in the list.

20. What did you see?
Answer: what was seen by you?

21. How much money do you want?
Answer: how much money is needed by you.

22. Why are you teasing the dog?
Answer: why is the dog being teased by you?

23. Who broke the glass?
Answer: by whom was the glass broken?

24. Do they teach French in your school?
Answer: is French taught in your school?

25. How many friends supported you?
Answer: by how many friends were you supported.

26. Did you see the result of the contest?
Answer: what's the result of the contest seen by you?

27. Will they serve food?
Answer: Will food be served(by them)?

28. When will they announce the result?
Answer: When will the result be announced?

29. Is he still reading the book?
Answer: Is the book still being read by him?

30. Where are you importing the material from?
Answer: where is the material being imported from?

31. Please give me a glass of water.
Answer: you are requested to give me a glass of water.

32. Never speak ill of others.
Answer: you are advised never to speak ill of others.

33. Do not pluck flowers from here.
Answer: you are advised not to pluck flowers from here.

34. Who has designed this robot?
Answer: by whom has this robot been designed?

35. Where had she hidden the document?
Answer: where had the document been hidden by her?

36. Leave the dog alone.
Answer: you are ordered to leave the dog alone.

37. How will they have settled the dispute?
Answer: how will the dispute have been settled by them?

38. Was someone calling your name?
Answer: was your name being called?

39. The flood water submerged the village.
Answer: the village was submerged by flood water.

40. Why was your father not accompanying you?
Answer: why were you not being accompanied by your Father.

41. We will have repaired the car by 2:00 p.m.
Answer: the car will have been repaired by 2:00 p.m.

42. Somebody I had informed the police about the fraud.
Answer: the police had been informed about the fraud.

43. Can we postpone the meeting?
Answer: Can the meeting be postponed by us?

44. Do they regularly inspect the factories?
Answer: are the factories regularly inspected by them?

45. The authorities are giving a facelift to the monument.
Answer: a facelift is being given to the monument by the the authorities.

46. Take your seat 15 minutes before the program.
Answer: you are advised to take your seat 15 minutes before the program.

47. Do not park your car in the no parking zone.
Answer: you are ordered not to park your car in the no parking zone.

48. Had you received the information on time?
Answer: had the information been received on time by you?

49. Will this campaign produce good result?
Answer: will good result be produced by this campaign?

50. I am ordering pizza.
Answer: a pizza is being ordered by me.

51. All his friends laughed at him.
Answer: He was laughed at by all his friends.

52. They made him king.
Answer: He was made King.

53. One should keep one's promises.
Answer: Promises should be kept.

54. Someone has picked my pocket.
Answer: My pocket has been picked.

55. He handed her a cheque.
Answer: A cheque was handed to her/she was handed a cheque.

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