Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Tense - Practice Questions

Before checking out these questions, we would like to recommend you to visit our blog by clicking on the link below, where we explain all forms of tense in detail with examples for better understanding.

I. Determine the tense of the following sentences:-
Note: Answer key given below.

1. He has just finished his project.

2. Has he finished dinner?

3. Ram is covering his notebook.

4. She was always complaing about others.

5. We have always been living here.

6. She was doing her homework when I called her.

7. The train had left when we reached station.

8. My mother went to the market.

9. An accident took place yesterday.

10. My sister is leaving the school soon.

11. The galss has been broken by her.

12. The world will change for good.

13. They had written letters.

14. A pen is lying under the sofa.

15. She is coming back from America.

Answer key:-
1. Answer: Present Perfect tense. 
Explanation: Since the form of the present perfect tense is has/have + past participle form of the verb, and the given sentence also follows the same form, it is in present perfect tense.

2. Answer: Present Perfect Tense (interrogative form).

3. Answer: Simple present tense.

4  Answer: Past continuous tense.

5. Answer: Present Perfect Continuous.

6. Answer: Past Continuous Tense .

7. Answer: Past Perfect Tense.

8. Answer: Simple Past Tense.

9. Answer: Simple Past Tense 

10. Answer: Present Continuous Tense.

11. Answer: Present Perfect Tense.

12. Answer: Simple Future Tense.

13. Answer: Past Perfect.

14. Answer:  Present Continuous.

15. Answer: Present Continuous.

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb with the help of the words given in the brackets:-

1. I love to ____ books. (read)
2. She is ____ water.(drink)
3. My hobby ____ gardening. (be)
4. She had ____(leave) when we ____ (reach) there.
5. She will have _____ (write) the letter by then.

Answer key:-
1. Read
2. Drinking
3. Is
4. Left, reached
5. Writtenn

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