Thursday, June 30, 2022

Adverbs Explanation with Examples

An adverb is a word that describes a verb.
For example : She sings beautifully.

Types of Adverbs:-
1. Adverb of Manner : These adverbs show how an action is done. 
• Adverbs of Manner answer the question "How?"
Example: The old man walked slowly.
2. Adverbs of Time : These adverbs show when in time was the action done or when in time did the action take place.
These adverbs answer the question "when?".
Example: He got home early.

3. Adverbs of place : These adverbs tell where did the action take place.
Thes adverbs answe the question "where?".
Example: My mother is going to the hotel.

4. Adverbs of Degree : These adverbs tell in what degree or to what extent a thing is done.
These adverbs answer the question "to what extent?"
Example: This flower is very pretty.

5. Adverbs of Reason : These adverbs show the reason or the cause of a thing.
These adverb usually answer the question "why?"
Examples: Raman did not come to school because he had fever.

6. Adverbs of Frequency : These adverb tell us  how often an action takes place and usually answer the question "how often?".
Example: I often read books.

7. Interrogative Adverbs : These adverbs are 'when', why', 'how' and 'where'. They are used to ask direct questions. They ask question about time, place reason or manner.
ExamplesWhen will you come here?

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