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MCQs - Class 12 - Vistas - Chapter 6 - On the Face Of It - by Susan Hill.

Objective Questions (MCQs):-
(Answer key given below)

1. Derry was scared that if he didn't go back to Mr Lamb, ______
(A) Mr Lamb would not let him in.
(B) Mr Lamb would make other friends.
(C) he wouldn't be able to pick crab-apples.
(D) he'd never go anywhere in the world again.

2. Mr. Lamb called Derry blessed:
(A) because he was young. 
(B) because he had a mother.
(C) because he had friends.
(D) because except a burnt face, he had a perfectly healthy body.

3. How did Mr Lamb relate Beauty and the Beast?
(A) They were relative to each other.
(B) They were indifferent to each other. 
(C) They were God's Grace.
(D) They were part of destiny.

4. What was Mr Lamb's attitude towards life?
(A) He wanted to survive with the problems. (B) He wanted to struggle with disability.
(C) He wanted to live life to the fullest.
(D) He wanted to look for sympathy.

5. Derry liked to be alone:
(A) because of burnt face.
(B) because he couldn't bear with people's comments. 
(C) because of inferiority complex.
(D) All of these.

6. Mr. Lamb kept the door of his garden open:
(A) to let the animals come in.
(B) to get fresh air.
(C) to avoid opening the door again and again.
(D) to have fine contact with the outer world and enjoy.

7. If Derry were in a library at the beginning of the play, which of the following sections of books would he NOT explore?
(i) Science fiction
(ii) Fantasy
(iv) Non-fiction
(iii) Self-help)
(A) Options (i) and (ii)
(B) Options (ii) and (iii)
(C) Options (ii) and (iv)
(D) Options (i) and (iv)

8. "Ah, but do you care if you never kiss them." What does Mr. Lamb aim to do with such a statement?
(A) Empower Derry to take charge.
(B) Inspire Derry to have dreams 
(C) Comfort Derry by distracting him.
(D) Question Derry about his desires

9. Choose the option that best constitutes a message from the play:-
(A) People's attitude should not stop one from experiencing life.
(B) What people say has no bearing upon how one feels about things. 
(C) People cannot be changed. One can and should only change oneself.
(D) One's opinions cannot be based on what people say behind one's back.

Answer key:-
1. D
2. D
3. A
4. C
5. D
6. D
7. B
8. A
9. A

Extract Based MCQs:-

I. "I thought it was empty house".

1. Who is 'I' here?
(A) Derry
(B) Mr. Lamb
(C) Susan Hill
(D) Jack

2. Who is the owner of the house?
(A) Derry
(B) Mr. Lamb
(C) Susan Hill
(D) Jack
3. Why does 'I' enter the house?
(A) To steal apples.
(B) To get his ball back.
(C) To greet the neighbours.
(D) Out of curiosity

4. How does 'I' feel when he sees the owner?
(A) Excited
(B) Pleasured
(C) Embarassed
(D) Indifferent

Answer key (of extract I):-
1. A
2. B
3. D
4. C

II. "What have you changed the subject for? People always do that. Why don't you ask me? Why do you do what they all do and pretend it isn't true and isn't there?"

1. Who is the speaker of the above lines.
(A) Derry
(B) Mr.Lamb
(C) Derry's mother
(D) Mr. Lamb's wife

2. What/which subject was being talked about ?
(A) English
(B) Burnt and ugly face
(C) Tin leg
(D) Nature

3. The subject was changed by whom and why?
(A) Derry
(B) Mr. Lamb
(C) Derry's mother
(D) Mr. Lamb's wife 

4. What did people do when they looked at Derry?
(A) Laughed at him
(B) Bullied him
(C) Afraid of him
(D) Did not notice him

Answer key (of extract II):-
1. A
2. B
3. B
4. C

III. "But you can put on trousers and cover it up and no one sees, they don't have to notice and stare."

1. Who is 'you' conversing with?
(A) Derry
(B) Mr. Lamb
(C) His wife 
(D) Susan Hill

2. Why do children call 'you' Lamey-Lamb?
(A) He could not walk.
(B) He had a golden leg.
(C) He had a tin leg.
(D) He had no legs.

3. In what context does the speaker say these words?
(A) His burnt face
(B) His amputated hand
(C) His distorted head
(D) His large ears

4. How does 'you' respond?
(A) Tries to keep the speaker quiet.
(B) Tries to alter the view of the speaker. 
(C) Tries to alter the appearance of the speaker.
(D) None of these.

Answer key (of extract III):-
1. A
2. C
3. A
4. B

IV. "So you believe everything you hear, then"

1.Who is the speaker of the above lines?
(A) Derry  
(B) Lamb
(C) Dr. Sadao
(D) Tom

2. About which incident the listener is talking about he had heard?
(A) Two women talking about his face
(B) Two men talking about his leg 
(C) Two children making fun of him
(D) Everyone around him

3. How did Derry feel about it?
(A) They were cruel. 
(B) They were sympathetic. 
(C) They were happy.
(D) They were indifferent.

4. How does Mr. Lamb interpret  the conversation?
(A) Sympathetic
(B) Casual 
(C) Funny
(D) Serious

Answer key (of extract IV):-
1. B
2. A
3. A
4. B

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