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2. The Model Millionaire - Oscar Wilde Literary Reader 6 Q&A Solved

Let's Infer

1. Study the opening paragraph. Which phrase (or sentence) do you think describes Hughie Erskine best? Why do you think so? 

In the opening paragraph, the phrase that describes Hughie Erskine best is "a delightful, clever young man." This phrase is used to introduce Hughie to the reader. It suggests that Hughie is not just good-looking but also intelligent and charming, which are qualities that make him an appealing character.

2. Why would Colonel Merton 'not hear of any marriage' between his daughter and Hughie? Why do you think he said, 'Come to me....when you have got ten thousand pounds of your own..."?

Colonel Merton opposed the marriage because Hughie lacked wealth. He set a financial condition, wanting Hughie to have £10,000 of his own.

3. Did Hughie feel sorry for the old man in Trevor's studio? How can you tell? (Think of something he said and something he did to support your answer.)

Yes, Hughie felt sorry for the old man in Trevor's studio. This can be inferred from the fact that he gave the old man all the money he had in his pocket out of sympathy.

4. Look at the paragraph beginning with 'The old man was surprised...' Why do you think the old man smiled? Was it because he was grateful?

The old man smiled because he was pleasantly surprised by Hughie's generosity. He likely smiled as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for the money that Hughie had given him.

5. Trevor told the old model everything about Hughie. Did Hughie approve of what Trevor had done? Why?

Hughie did not approve of Trevor revealing details about him to the old model because he thought that this disclosure would lead to more social embarrassment for Hughie.

6. I didn't understand why he was so interested to know all about you. but now I do.' Did Trevor really understand why Baron Hausberg was so interested in Hughie? How do you know? 

Trevor did not fully understand why Baron Hausberg was interested in Hughie because he was not aware that Hughie gave Baron Hausberg a sovereign thinking of him as a poor old man but Trevor understood the interest when he came to know about Hughie's 'generosity' to Baron Huasberg.

7. A wedding present to Hughie Erskine and Laura Merton, from an old beggar.' Why do you think the Baron did not write 'from Baron Hausberg'?

The Baron did not write "from Baron Hausberg" on the wedding present because he wanted to remain anonymous and not draw attention to his wealth and status.

Let's discuss

1. Baron Hausberg was 'a millionaire model' but not 'a model millionaire'. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree. Baron Hausberg was a "millionaire model" in the sense that he possessed immense wealth, but he may not have been a "model millionaire" in terms of displaying the virtues of generosity and kindness associated with being an ideal or model millionaire

2. Do you think Hughie deserved the wedding present that he received from the Baron? Why?

Yes, Hughie deserved the wedding present from the Baron. He demonstrated kindness and generosity when he gave all his money to the old beggar, unaware of the Baron's true identity. The Baron's gift can be seen as a reward for Hughie's genuine act of charity, aligning with the story's theme of the value of true generosity.

MCQs on 'The Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde

Here are 10 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on the story "The Model Millionaire" by Oscar Wilde:

1. What is the profession or occupation of the main character, Hughie Erskine?
   a) Lawyer
   b) Jobless
   c) Doctor
   d) Teacher

2. Why does Colonel Merton oppose his daughter Laura's marriage to Hughie?
   a) Hughie is not good-looking.
   b) Hughie lacks intelligence.
   c) Hughie is financially struggling.
   d) Hughie is not kind.

3. How does Hughie feel about giving money to the old beggar?
   a) Angry
   b) Guilty
   c) Sympathetic
   d) Annoyed

4. Why did Baron Hausberg smile when Hughie gave money to the old man?
   a) He was amused by Hughie's generosity.
   b) He was grateful for the money.
   c) He found Hughie's actions humorous.
   d) He wanted to befriend Hughie.

5. What does Baron Hausberg want to know from Alan Trevor about Hughie Erskine?
   a) Hughie's financial situation
   b) Hughie's favourite hobbies
   c) Hughie's address
   d) Hughie's family background

6. Why did Baron Hausberg choose to remain anonymous when giving Hughie and Laura a wedding present?
   a) He didn't want to give them a gift.
   b) He wanted to surprise them.
   c) He wanted to emphasize kindness over his status.
   d) He wanted to hide his wealth.

7. What is the central theme of "The Model Millionaire"?
   a) The pursuit of wealth
   b) The importance of appearance
   c) The value of genuine kindness
   d) The struggle of artists

8. How does Hughie's financial situation change during the story?
   a) He becomes a millionaire.
   b) He loses all his money.
   c) He receives a generous gift.
   d) He wins a lottery.

9. How did the old model come to know about Hughie's act of kindness?
a) Alan Trevor told him.
b) Hughie Erskine shared the story with him.
c) The old model experienced it firsthand.
d) It was mentioned in a newspaper article.

10. What does Colonel Merton insist Hughie must have before marrying his daughter?
    a) A prestigious job
    b) Good looks
    c) A kind heart
    d) £10,000 of his own

1. b) Jobless
2. c) Hughie is financially struggling.
3. c) Sympathetic
4. a) He was amused by Hughie's generosity.
5. a) Hughie's financial situation
6. c) He wanted to emphasise kindness over his status.
7. c) The value of genuine kindness
8. c) He receives a generous gift.
9. c) The old model experienced it firsthand.
10. d) £10,000 of his own

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