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CBSE Report Writing Examples: Solved Questions and Topics

Q1. MMD School, Nashik, recently organised a science symposium on the topic: ‘Effect of pollution on quality of life’. You are Amit/Amita Raazdan, editor of the school magazine. Write a report on the event for your school magazine. (120 – 150 words)



Report on Science Symposium on "Effect of Pollution on Quality of Life" at MMD School, Nashik

- By Amit/Amita Raazdan, Editor of the School Magazine

A thought-provoking science symposium, centered around the theme "Effect of Pollution on Quality of Life," was recently hosted at MMD School, Nashik. This event, held on 1st March 2022, brought together the entire science community of our school.

The symposium commenced with a warm welcome to our esteemed guest speakers. Sh. Suraj Prakash set the tone for the event by outlining its objectives and importance. Dr. Hari Om Gupta, a distinguished expert in the field, shared his profound insights into the adverse impacts of pollution on our lives.

One of the highlights of the day was a compelling demonstration illustrating the tangible effects of pollution on our daily existence. Post-lunch, Dr. K.K. Arora, another resourceful speaker, elucidated practical steps that individuals can take to mitigate pollution's effects. Subsequently, an engaging session on innovative pollution reduction concepts left young minds inspired.

The interactive dialogue that followed demonstrated the eagerness of our participants to address this critical issue. They pledged their commitment to be agents of change. The symposium concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks from the head of the science department, expressing gratitude to all participants for their dedication to creating a cleaner, healthier environment.

Q2. You are Karan/ Kirti of L.M. Memorial Public School, Dwarka. Your school has adopted a village as a social responsibility. Students are being taken to teach the children of that village on a regular basis. Write a report, for your school magazine, on the various other programmes organized there in 120 – 150 words.

(SOURCE- CBSE Sample Question Paper 2018-19)


Report on Social Responsibility Initiatives in Our Adopted Village

- By Karan/Kirti, L.M. Memorial Public School, Dwarka

At L.M. Memorial Public School, we firmly believe in the power of education and community engagement. In our pursuit of social responsibility, our school has adopted a village, and our commitment goes far beyond teaching. We take great pride in sharing the various programs we've organized there.

Apart from regular teaching sessions for the village children, we've initiated health camps, where medical professionals from our school provide free check-ups and basic healthcare services. Additionally, awareness drives on hygiene, sanitation, and environmental conservation have been conducted, educating the villagers on crucial aspects of rural development.

Our school has also organised skill development workshops for women and youth in the village, empowering them with vocational training opportunities. Cleanliness drives, tree planting initiatives, and donation drives for essentials are just some of the other activities we've undertaken.

We believe that true education extends beyond textbooks, and these programs reflect our commitment to holistic community development. Together, we are fostering positive change and building a stronger, more sustainable future for our adopted village.

Q3. Cultural Society Sunshine Public School, Nellore organised an adult literacy camp in its neighbourhood. Write a report in 120 – 150 words on the camp for your school newsletter. You are P.V. Sunitha, Secretary. Use the following clues: no. of volunteers – hours spent in teaching – location of the class – chairs, blackboards – no. of people attending the camp – benefit.



Newsletter Report on Adult Literacy Camp

By P.V. Sunitha, Secretary

In our unwavering commitment to education and community welfare, Cultural Society Sunshine Public School proudly organised an Adult Literacy Camp in our neighbourhood. The initiative was a resounding success, leaving a positive impact on our community.

Our dedicated volunteers, numbering 15 in total, generously contributed their time and efforts to this noble cause. They spent over 100 hours collectively teaching eager learners. The classes were conducted in the heart of our neighbourhood, ensuring easy access for participants.

To create a conducive learning environment, we provided comfortable chairs and well-equipped blackboards. The response from the community was heartwarming, with 50 enthusiastic individuals attending the camp regularly.

The benefits of this camp have been profound. Not only have these adults gained literacy skills, but their newfound knowledge has empowered them in various aspects of their lives. We take immense pride in contributing to the betterment of our community and look forward to more such initiatives in the future.

Q4. You are Sandhya/ Sohan an active member of the Animal Lovers Club which works for the welfare of animals by preventing cruelty to them. Recently you visited Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home. You were pleasantly surprised to see the good treatment given to the animals. Write a report in 120 – 150 words on your visit. 

You may use the following points: injured dogs and cats – abandoned pets – very old animals – all very well cared for – well-equipped medical room – veterinary surgeon – green surroundings.

(SOURCE- CBSE 2018 compartment)


Report on Visit to Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home

By Sandhya/Sohan, Member of Animal Lovers Club

Our recent visit to the Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home was a heartwarming experience, leaving us deeply impressed by the care and compassion extended to our furry friends.

The first thing that caught our attention was the dedicated attention given to injured dogs and cats. The staff ensured that these animals received prompt medical attention and were on the road to recovery. It was heartening to see abandoned pets finding a loving home here, where they were treated with kindness and respect.

What truly touched our hearts were the very old animals, some with special needs, who were living out their twilight years in comfort and dignity. The animals were all housed in clean and spacious enclosures amidst lush green surroundings.

The care extended to these animals was exceptional, with a well-equipped medical room staffed by a qualified veterinary surgeon. This facility was pivotal in ensuring the health and well-being of the animals.

In a nutshell, our visit to the Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home reaffirmed our belief in the importance of organisations working tirelessly to prevent cruelty to animals. It was a heartening experience to witness the love and care that these animals receive, and it serves as an inspiration for our Animal Lovers Club to continue our mission of advocating for the welfare of animals.

Q5. Independence Day was celebrated in your school. District Magistrate, Ms. Indu Bala Sharma was the Chief Guest. Write a report on the function in 120 – 150 words describing all the activities that took place. You are Head boy/Head girl.



Independence Day Celebration at [Your School Name]

By [Your Name], Head Boy/Head Girl

Independence Day, a day of patriotic fervor and unity, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at [Your School Name]. The event was graced by the presence of the District Magistrate, Ms. Indu Bala Sharma, who served as the Chief Guest for the occasion.

The festivities commenced with the hoisting of the national flag by Ms. Indu Bala Sharma, accompanied by the singing of the national anthem by the entire school. This solemn moment filled us all with a sense of pride and respect for our nation.

The cultural program that followed was a showcase of our rich heritage. It included captivating performances by students, including patriotic songs, dances, and a stirring skit depicting India's struggle for independence. The District Magistrate, in her address, emphasised the importance of unity and encouraged us to contribute to the nation's progress.

A highlight of the celebration was the distribution of sweets to all students, symbolising the sweetness of unity in diversity. The function concluded with heartfelt expressions of gratitude to Ms. Indu Bala Sharma for gracing us with her presence.

Independence Day at [Your School Name] was a reminder of our responsibility to uphold the values and principles our nation stands for. It left us all inspired to work towards a stronger and more united India.

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