Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Class 6 Learning to Communicate Workbook 6 page 37-38

1.Now answer the questions.
a. Why were the people of Hastinapur happy when Shantanu made Devavrata his heir?
Ans. The people of Hastinapur were happy because Devavrata was the best person to take over from Shantanu as he had all the qualities to succeed to the throne.

b. Why was the fisherman not willing to let Shantanu marry his daughter?
Ans. The fisherman was not willing because he wanted Shantanu to promise that only the sons of his daughter Satyavati would succeed him as king.

c. What happened to Shantanu when he realized that he could not marry Satyavati?
Ans.  Shantanu became sad and lonely, and shut himself in his palace.

d. How did Devavrata persuade the fisherman to let his daughter marry Shantanu?
Ans. Devavrata persuaded the fisherman by promising that he would never marryand that Satyavati's sons alone would rule Hastinapur after Shantanu's death.

e. What does 'Bhishma' mean?
Ans. Bhishma means the one who makes and keeps a great promise.

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