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From the Diary of Anne Frank NCERT Class 10 Q&A Solution

Summary of the chapter ' From the Diary of Anne Frank'

In this lesson, Anne discusses her loneliness despite being surrounded by family and around 30 people she considered friends. Feeling the need for a true friend, she decides to express her feelings in a diary, even though it's an unusual step for her. To make her diary more personal, she names it "Kitty." Unlike others who might just record facts, Anne starts by sharing her background, including her family and early childhood, as they all migrated. She talks about her early schooling and then shifts to the present day, recounting a memorable result day at school.

On this day, everyone in her class is anxious about their results, with some boys even making bets. Anne, however, is confident about her performance and her circle of friends. She has a good rapport with all her teachers, except for her math professor, who constantly scolds her for talking too much in class. To address this, he assigns her essays on unusual topics like "Chatterbox." Anne responds with humor and explains that talking is a trait she inherited from her mother, which can't easily be changed. This cycle of assignments continues until Anne writes a satirical essay. After this, Mr. Keesing stops singling her out for talking in class.

Oral Comprehension

Q1. What makes writing in a diary a strange experience for Anne Frank?

ANSWER: It's strange because it's private and personal, like confiding in a book, and she lacks a close friend to share her thoughts with.

Q2. Why does Anne want to keep a diary?

ANSWER: Anne desired to maintain a diary and put her thoughts into words because her mind was filled with a multitude of thoughts and emotions. Lacking a close friend to confide in regarding these deeply personal matters, she made the choice to keep a diary instead.

Q3. Why did Anne think she could confide more in her diary than in people?

ANSWER: She saw her diary as non-judgmental and unbiased, a reliable friend. She also felt isolated from her family and lacked a close friend to confide in. 

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