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MCQs - Class XI - Snapshots - Chapter 7 - Birth - by A.J. Cronin.

Objective type questions.:-
Q.1. Who is the author of "Birth"?
(A) A.J. Cronin
(B) J.B. Priestley
(C) Andrew Manson
(D) Edward Page

Q.2. Andrew did his medical practice under the assistance of____
(A) Dr. Page
(B) Dr. Morgan
(C) Dr. William
(D) Dr. Shane

Q.3. Where did Joe Morgan live?
(A) Number 11, Blaina Terrace
(B) Number 14, Bryngower
(C) Number 12, Blaina Terrace
(D) Number 12, Bryngower

Q.4. When Andrew approached, Susan was accompanied by her mother and 
(A) Joe
(B) father
(C) a midwife
(D) mother-in-law

Q.5. "Don't fret, mother, I'll not run away." Why did Andrew say this?
(A) To reassure Mrs. Morgan's mother
(B) To fulfill his obligations
(C) To break the silence
(D) To handle a critical situation well

Q.6. While waiting at Joe's house, what did Andrew think about?
(A) Mrs. Morgan's condition
(B) Failed marriages
(C) Christine
(D) Both (B) and (C)

Q.7. What dilemma did doctor Andrew confront? 
(A) Whether the child could be saved or not.
(B) Whether the treatment would be successful.
(C) Whether to attend the child or the mother. (D) Whether to inform Joe or not.

Q.8. In the dilemma he faced, what did Andrew (A) Check upon Susan first
(B) Check upon the child first
(C) Ran away
(D) Left it to handle to the midwife

Q.9. Where had the midwife placed the stillborn child?
(A) She held the child in her arms
(B) Gave him to Susan's mother
(C) Under the bed
(D) Gave him to Joe

Q.10. What did Andrew conclude from the whiteness of the child?
(A) That he was dead.
(B) That he suffered from lack of oxygen. 
(C) That he should be taken to hospital.
(D) That Andrew couldn't save him.

Q.11. What all things did Andrew use in the treatment?
(A) Hot and cold water
(B) Basins and towels
(C) A blanket
(D) All of the above

Q.12. How did Andrew try to save the still born? 
(A) Using a special method of respiration
(B) Calling Dr. Edward
(C) Taking him to a hospital
(D) Giving him blood

Q.13. What did Andrew remember in the middle of ongoing treatment?
(A) About his love for Christine
(B) Morgan family's longing for a child
(C) His time in Samaritan
(D) About his obligation as a doctor

Q.14. Why did the child become slippery in Andrew's Q-17. hand?
(A) Because of atmosphere in the room.
(B) Because Andrew was losing his focus.
(C) Because of constant juggling between waters.
(D) None of the above

Q.15. Why did Andrew get oblivious to all the work he had done in Blaenelly?
(A) Because he got all hopeless. 
(B) Because he did something extraordinary that night. 
(C) Because he was leaving Blaenelly.
(D) Because he got tired.

Q 16. Why did Andrew get oblivious to all the work he had done in Blaenelly? 
(A) Because he got all hopeless.
(B) Because he did something extraordinary that night. 
(C) Because he was leaving Blaenelly.
(D) Because he got tired.

Q.17. Why is the lesson named "Birth"?
(A) Because the doctor is specialist in childbirths.
(B) Because a lot of childbirths take place. 
(C) Because it is about birth of a child.
(D) Because it talks about philosophy of life.

Q.18. What can you say about Dr. Andrew after reading "Birth"?
(A) He did not put all his efforts.
(B) He fulfilled his obligations well as a doctor.
(C) His skills were not enough.
(D) He was arrogant.

Answer key:-
1. (A)
2. (A)
3. (C)
4. (C)
5. (A)
6. (D)
7. (C)
8. (A)
9. (C)
10. (B)
11. (D)
12. (A)
13. (B)
14. (C)
15. (D)
16. (B)
17. (C)
18. (B)

Extract Based MCQs:-

1. Read the extract given below and answer the following questions by choosing the correct option:
As he gazed at the still form a shiver of horror passed over Andrew. After all that, he had promised! His face heated with his own exertions, chilled suddenly. He hesitated, torn between his desire to attempt to resuscitate the child and his obligation towards the mother, who was herself in a desperate state. The dilemma was so urgent he did not solve it consciously, Blindly, instinctively, he gave the child to the nurse and turned his attention to Susan Morgan who now lay collapsed, almost pulseless and not yet out of the ether, upon her side.
His haste was desperate, a frantic race against her ebbing strength.

Q1. "After all that he had promised!" What promise was made by Dr Andrew?
(A) To save Mrs. Morgan 
(B) To save Mr Morgan
(C) To save the new born
(D) All of these

Q.2. How did Andrew solve his dilemma?
(A) Blindly
(B) Consciously
(C) Instinctively
(D) both (B) & (C)

Q.3. Based on the above extract, classify the following as Fact (F) or Opinion (O). 
1. The child was dead.
2. Andrew should have tried to save the child first.
3. Andrew decided to save Susan first
4. Andrew quickly gave an injection to Susan.

(A) F-1,2; O-3,4 
(B) F-1,3,4; O-2
(C) F-1,3; O-2,4
(D) F-1,4; O-2,3

Q.4. Which of the following doesn't use 'a frantic race' correctly?
(A) A frantic race against COVID. 
(B) A frantic race against time to complete the curriculum.
(C) A frantic race against time to reach destination within time
(D) A frantic race to eat fruits to become stronger.

Q.5. Which word in the passage mean the same as 'revive someone from the unconsciousness'?
(A) Hesitated
(B) Frantic
(C) Resuscitate
(D) Ebbing

Answer key :-
1. (C)Explanation: To hand over a healthy child to the Morgans, as they had been childless for years.
2. (D)
3. (B)
4. (D)
5. (C)

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