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MCQs - Class XI - Snapshots - Chapter 4 - Albert Einstein At School - by Patrick Pringles

Objective type questions (MCQs):-

Q.1. The extract "Albert Einstein at School" is taken from
(A) The Young Einstein
(B) Einstein's expulsion
(C) The Story of Einstein
(D) The Famous Einstein

Q.2. According to Einstein, learning facts is not
(A) avoidable
(B) wasteful
(C) education
(D) easy

Q.3. What was Albert's theory of education? (A) Giving importance to ideas than to facts
(B) Learning all important facts
(C) Memorizing
(D) Writing everything

Q.4. How did Albert feel about going to school every day?
(A) Cheerful
(B) Scared
(C) Miserable
(D) Grateful

Q.5. How long did Albert's father want him to attend the school for?
(A) Until he comes to love the school
(B) Until his father called
(C) Until he completes his diploma 
(D) None of the above

Q.6. Where did Albert Einstein reside during his schooling?
(A) At home with his family 
(B) At the quarters of Munich
(C) At his friend's house
(D) At a place provided by school

Q.7. Yuri mentions a fight in which a scar is a
(A) symbol of defeat 
(B) badge of honour
(C) proof of weakness
(D) None of the above

Q.8. What was Albert's cousin's suggestion to him to help him get through his exams?
(A) To understand everything that was taught
(B) To learn without understanding
(C) To pay attention in the class
(D) To find a good tutor

Q.9. According to Einstein, what was a good enough reason(s) to study something?
(A) It has to be a part of curriculum
(B) When the reader was forced to study
(C) If the reader likes it
(D) All of the above

Q. 10. Apart from books on science, what comforted Albert Einstein?
(A) Playing on streets
(B) Drawing and painting
(C) Calligraphy
(D) Music and playing violin

Q. 11. How did Albert Einstein plan to leave the school?
(A) By getting a certificate of nervous breakdown from a doctor
(B) By running away
(C) By calling his father to help him out of school 
(D) By asking the head teacher

Q.12. What did Albert plan to do after he left school?
(A) Look for a job
(B) Get into college or institute
(C) Start his own business
(D) Do nothing

Q. 13. How much did the doctor charge from Albert?
(A) Asked Albert to invite Yuri for a meal
(B) Asked Albert to invite him for a meal 
(C) His consultation fees
(D) None of the above

Q.14. Why was Einstein summoned by the head teacher?
(A) To ask him to leave the school
(B) To punish him for bad work
(C) To reward him for his work 
(D) None of the above

Q.15. What sort of a student Einstein was according to his teachers?
(A) Insincere
(C) Troublesome
(B) Rebellion
(D) All of the above

Answer key :-

1. (A)
2. (C)
3. (A)
Explanation: To understand logic is more important than rote learning of facts.

4. (C)
Explanation: There was no motivation for going to school.

5. (C)
6. (B)
7. (B)
8. (B)
Explanation: To learn to pass the exam.

9. (C)
10. (D)
11. (A)
12. (B)
Explanation: Get admission in college for higher studies.

13. (A)
Explanation: No conseltation fee.

14. (A) 
Explanation: He could not take Einstein as a student further.

15. (D)
Explanation: Not a good student.

Extract Based MCQs:-

1. Read the extract given below and answer the following questions by choosing the correct option:
Albert flushed. "I think it's not facts that matter, but ideas," he said. "I don't see the point in learning the dates of battles, or even which of the armies killed more men. I'd be more interested in learning why those soldiers were trying to kill each other." "That's enough," Mr. Braun's eyes were cold and cruel. "We don't want a lecture from you, Einstein. You will stay in for an extra period today, although I don't imagine it will do you much good. It won't do the school any good, either. You are a disgrace. I don't know why you continue to come." "It's not my wish, sir," Albert pointed out. "Then you are an ungrateful boy and ought to be ashamed of yourself. I suggest you ask your father to take you away." 

Q.1. What did Einstein not want to learn?
(A) Facts
(B) Dates of battle
(C) Which army killed more men
(D) All of the above

Q.2 Who is Mr. Braun here? 
(A) A student
(B) History teacher
(C) School Principal
(D) Peon

Q.3. "You will stay in for an extra period today." What was the idea behind staying in for an extra period?
(A) Einstein was weak in studies and so needed extra help. 
(B) Einstein had not done his homework and so would complete his work then.
(C) It was a way of punishing Einstein.
(D) The teacher had to discuss a lot of things with Einstein. 

Q.4. Classify the following statements as Facts (F) or Opinion (O).

1. Every teacher considered Einstein a poor student.
2. Some teachers often gave him punishment.
3. Einstein thought differently than his teachers. 
4. Mr. Braun thought punishing him does no good to him.
5. Einstein should have given some attention to curriculum of school.

(A) F-1,4,5; O-2,3
(B) F-2,3,4; O-1,5
(C) F-3,5; O-1,2,4 
(D) F-2,3; O-1,4,5

Q.5. The phrase do you much good' has been used in the extract. Which of the following options doesn't represent correct use of this phrase? 
(A) Going for morning walk will do much good to your health.
(B) Regular study will do much good in memorizing your lessons.
(C) Reducing your expenditure will do much good to your salary.
(D) Free and frank discussion will do much good to your entire family.

Answer key :-
1. (D)
Explanation: Facts could be looked up in the books, but logics and ideas are more important.

2. (B)
3. (C)
Explanation: It was a punishment.

4. (B)
5. (C)
Explanation: Refusing expenditure will not raise one's salary.

II. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
His only wish was that his father would take him to Italy along with him, but it was pointless to ask him because he would anyway make him stay here until he completed his diploma. Going back to his lodgings did not cheer him up. His father had so little money to spare that Albert had been found a room in one of the poorest quarters of Munich. He did not mind the bad food and lack of comfort, or even the dirt and squalor, but he hated the atmosphere of slum violence.

Q.1. "His only wish was that his father would take him to Italy." From which place Albert wanted to run away? 
(A) His lodgings 
(B) Munich
(C) His school
(D) All of the above

Q.2. Classify the following statements as Facts (F) or Opinion (O).

1.Albert wanted to go to Italy. 
2. Albert's father would never allow him to leave his diploma in between.
3. Albert's father was not affluent. 
4. Albert's father would have listened to him if he would have spoken to him.
5. Albert could adjust in any kind of atmosphere only if it was peaceful, 
(A) F-1,3,5; O-2,4
(B) F-2,3,4; O-1,5
(C) F-3,5; O-1,2,4 
(D) F-2,3; O-1,4,5

Q.3. The phrase 'did not mind' has been used in the extract. Which of the following options doesn't represent correct use of this phrase?
(A) Sohan did not mind the bad weather.
(B) Sakshi did not mind the poor illumination.
(C) Shally did not mind the studying.
(D) Saksham did not mind the long working hours.

Q.4. Who was responsible for the slum violence?
(A) Albert Einstein
(B) The landlady and her family 
(C) Young students
(D) Albert's friends

Q.5. Albert's life was in Munich.
(A) overwhelming
(B) comfortable
(C) controlled
(D) miserable

Answer key:-
1. (C)
Explanation: His school was a miserable place for him.

2. (A)
3. (C)
Explanation: 'the studying' is wrong usage.

4. (B)
Explanation: His landlady beat her children regularly and every Saturday her husband came beat her.

5. (D)

IIL Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:

He hardly bothered to wonder why he had been sent for, but vaguely supposed he was to be punished again for bad work and laziness. Well, he had finished with punishments. "I'm not going to punish you," the head teacher said, to Albert's surprise. "Your work is terrible and I'm not prepared to have you here any longer, Einstein. I want you to leave the school now." "Leave school now?" repeated Albert, dazed. "That is what I said." "You mean," said Albert, "that I am to be expelled?" You can take it that way if you wish, Einstein." The head teacher was not mincing words.

Q. 1. Which of the following thoughts did not come to Albert's mind when he was called by the head teacher? 
(A) He would be punished for bad work and laziness.
(B) He would be expelled from school
(C) He wouldn't be given the recommendation letter.
(D) Both (B) & (C)

Q.2. Which of the following has incorrect use of 'hardly'?
(A) He hardly wrote anything
(B) He hardly made any efforts.
(C) He hardly bought anything .
(D) He worked very hardly.

Q.3. How many years had Einstein spent in that school?
(A) Two 
(B) Three
(C) Ten
(D) Five

Q.4. "Well, he had finished with punishments." Why did Einstein think so before meeting the head master?
(A) He was going on a long leave from school, as he had brought the medical certificate. 
(B) He was ready to face any situation.
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) None of these

Q.5. 'mincing words' means: 
(A) to speak vaguely
(B) to speak clearly
(C) to speak half sentences
(D) to speak out of context

Answer key:-
1. (D)
Explanation: He didn't think hard why he was called.

2. (D)
Explanation: He worked very hard./He hardly worked.

3. (D)
4. (C)
Explanation: Albert didn't bother to worry about the punishments.

5. (A)
Explanation: To speak indirectly.

Short Answer Type Questions:-

Q.1. Why did Albert see no point in learning dates and facts? 
Ans. Albert did not see any point in learning dates and facts because he did not approve of rote learning. He preferred original thinking and ideas to rote learning.

Q. 2. Why was Mr. Braun speechless?
Ans. Mr. Braun was speechless because he asked Einstein in what year the Prussians defeated the French at Waterloo, Albert could not reply, when he (Braun) demanded the reason responsible for this, he admitted that he did not learn the answer. Later, he said that he could not see any point in learning dates which could be read in a book as well. This made Mr. Braun speechless.

Q. 3. What was the History teacher's opinion of Albert? 
Ans. The History teacher had a very low opinion of Albert. He called Albert an ungrateful boy who ought to be ashamed of himself. He suggested that Albert should ask his father to take him away from school.

Q.4. How did the History teacher insult Einstein?
Ans. Mr. Braun, the History teacher remarked that Einstein was an ungrateful boy and that he ought to be ashamed of himself. He should ask his father to take him away. He punished him by making him stay in for an extra period in the school that day.

Q.5. How did Einstein explain to the History teacher that it's not facts that matter, but ideas? 
Ans. Einstein told the teacher that there was no point in learning the dates of battles, or even which of the armies killed more men. He would rather be more interested in learning why those soldiers were trying to kill each other.

Q.6. Why did Albert hate his lodgings? What would he do to divert his mind?
Ans. Einstein lived in a rented room in one of the poorest quarters of Munich. He did not like the place because of the atmosphere of slum violence. His landlady beat her children regularly. The wailing and howling of kids got on his nerves. In order to divert his mind, he would listen to music as a 'comfort' because it provided him relief from the noise prevailing in the landlady's house. 

Q.7. Why did "going back to his lodging not cheer him up"? 
Ans. He lived in an atmosphere of slum violence. His landlady beat her children regularly. Every Saturday her husband came drunk and beat her. The wailing and howling of kids got on his nerves. He couldn't stand the incessant loud noise. 

Q.8. Who is Yuri? What part does he play in Albert's plan? 
Ans. Yuri is a senior student, perhaps of medical school. He knows a lot of medical students. It is he, who introduces Albert to Dr. Ernest Weil and helps Albert by getting him medical certificate, he desired so earnestly. 

Q.9. Who is Elsa? What advice she gives Albert to clear the diploma?
Ans. Elsa is Albert's cousin. She normally lives in Berlin where her father has a business. She thinks that one can pass examinations simply by learning by heart and repeating them in exams.

Q.14. How did Yuri and Elsa comfort Albert Einstein in his moments of gloom and despair?
Ans. Yuri tried to comfort Albert by telling him about the fight between the students in which one of them was killed. Elsa tried to counsel Albert by saying that she knew a lot of boys who were much more stupid than him but got through it. 

Q.11. What sudden ideas does Albert hit upon to get away from school? 
Ans. Albert thought that if he had nervous breakdown and a doctor certified that it was for him to go to school, he
would be able to get away from the school. This would be better than leaving the school and then forced back to it by his father. 

Q.12. Yuri calls Albert 'the world's worst liar'. Do you think that this is an insult or a compliment to Albert? Why?
Ans. This is a compliment to Albert because he was not good at telling lies. This is exactly what happened when he went to get a certificate for having a nervous breakdown; he really suffered from this when he met him. Because he was basically a frank and honest person.

Q.13. Why does the biographer refer to Albert's interest in music as a 'comfort'?
Ans. The biographer refers to Albert's interest in music as a 'comfort' because it provided him relief with the noise prevailing in the landlady's house. All like music as it arouses one's curiosity. It appeals to both brain and heart, while facts are dull.

Q.14. Who was Ernest Weil? How did he help Albert? 
Ans. Ernest Weil was a doctor and a good friend of Yuri. Albert wanted to get rid of school by one way or the other. He requested Yuri to acquaint him with a doctor for medical certificate. Yuri told him to see Dr. Weil for his medical certificate. 

Q.15. Why was Albert quite nervous when he met the doctor? What did this nervousness indicate about his nature? 
Ans. Albert was quite nervous when he met the doctor because he had spent the day wondering what to tell the doctor. So, when the time arrived for his appointment he had thought over it so much that he was quite nervous. He was afraid of the fact that Yuri might have told his false plan to leave the school. So, he can't tell a lie. So, he is nervously thinking that his lies may be detected. This nervousness indicates that he was gentle and honest.

Q.16. How did Albert hope to get admission in an Italian College?
Ans. Albert hoped to get admission in an Italian college without a diploma from the Germany school by getting a reference from his Mathematics teacher. His Maths teacher had said: "If I say I can't teach you anymore and probably you will soon be able to teach me, will that be all right. This could establish his credentials that he knows and had studied Maths properly. 

Q.17. What did Mr. Koch think of Albert?
Ans. Mr. Koch was quite impressed with Albert. He wrote that he was good at Maths and had learnt everything that was required to enter a college for the study of higher Mathematics. He was of the view that Albert could even teach Mr. Koch with his knowledge of Mathematics. 

Q.18. What reference did Mr. Koch give to Albert regarding his wish to join a college in Italy?
Ans. Mr. Koch wrote that Albert was ready to enter a college for the study of higher Mathematics. He also said that he could not teach him anymore. The student was so advanced that he could even teach Mr. Koch.

Q.19. How did Albert hope to convince the doctor? Ans. Albert declared humorously that he was going to have a real nervous breakdown. It would make it easier for the

doctor to certify his illness. The next time Yuri saw Albert he found that the latter had lost his high spirits, Albert confirmed that he would really have a nervous breakdown which would satisfy the doctor 
Q.20. What reasons the head teacher give for expelling Albert from school? 
Ans. The head teacher told Einstein that his presence in the class made it impossible for the teacher to teach and for
the students to learn. Besides, he told him that he refuses to learn and that he was in constant rebellion. So, no serious work could be done while he was there.

Q.21. Albert felt that the medical certificate was almost burning a hole in his pocket. What does the author mean?
Ans. The author means to say that Einstein has worked so hard to get the certificate from the doctor and then he is willing to show the certificate to the headmaster and see how he would react. However, the certificate had then become unnecessary as he was being expelled without its production.

Q. 22. Why did Albert feel miserable when he left the school that day? 
Ans. Albert felt miserable when he left the school that day because his History teacher had rebuked and insulted him a lot. He had said that Albert was a disgrace. It was too much for Albert. 

Q.23. Albert left the school where he had spent five years. Why? 
Ans. Albert left his school without any regrets. He, in fact, left it arrogantly. It was because of the bad treatment meted out to him by his History teacher and his head teacher. He didn't turn his head to have even a last look at this school.

Q.24. What opinion do you form of Dr. Ernest Weil?
Ans. Dr. Ernest Weil had just qualified to be a doctor, but he was intelligent. He could not be deceived easily. He was frank, honest and sympathetic. He wins the confidence of his patient with his warm smile. His sharp analytical mind helps him in quick diagnosis and suggesting cure.

Long Answer Type Questions:-

Q.1. Were the teachers interested in understanding Albert and bringing out his potential? 
Ans. The teachers were not interested in understanding Albert and bringing out his potential. They always thought that he was a constant menace and nuisance them. The History teacher not like his behaviour and said that he was an ungrateful boy and ought to be ashamed of himself. He even told him that he was a disgrace On the other hand, he incites Albert to rebel against him and the educational system. His Maths teacher, on the other hand, acknowledged his exceptional ability. He willingly gave him reference and wanted him to join the college or an institution. The head teacher told him that his presence in the classroom was not desirable because he was in constant rebellion and no serious work could be done while he was in the classroom.

Q.2 Comment on the role of Yuri in the story. Ans. Yuri is the central figure in the story. Yuri was the only friend whom Einstein could rely upon in Munich. When he felt too miserable in school, he told his woes to him. One day he confided to him that if he could procure a medical certificate from a friendly doctor that he was suffering from nervous breakdown. Yuri ultimately enabled him to have the desired certificate that too without any charge. He advised and helped him from time to time.

Q.3. Who was Yuri? How did he help Albert in getting rid of the school?
Ans. Yuri was Albert's friend living in Munich. He is Albert's only friend. Albert tells him everything about his life. He tells Yuri that he doesn't like to go to school. He asks Yuri if he has a doctor friend. He plans to get a medical certificate from a doctor, which shall certify that Albert suffers from a nervous breakdown: This will enable him to leave school for some period. Yuri tells him that he knows Dr. Ernest Weil who has qualified as a doctor last week. Yuri fixes an appointment with him and tells Albert to tell the doctor everything. So, Albert tells the doctor everything. Dr. Ernest Weil issues him a certificate. His fees is that Albert shall host a dinner to Yuri. While leaving the city, Yuri advises Albert to get a certificate from Maths teacher Mt. Koch so that he can get admission in same Italian college.

Q. 4. What do you understand of Einstein's nature from his conversations with his history teacher, his Mathematics teacher and the head teacher?
Ans. Albert Einstein was a man of principles and deep thinking. During his stay in a school in Munich, he did not believe in facts, figures and dates. He wanted to go deep into things. He always called a spade a spade. Music gave him comfort.
Basically, Einstein was a man of great ideas. He didn't like to follow the beaten track. He was frank, sincere and honest. He was not good at learning facts by heart. He believed in thinking of original ideas. He disliked violence and noise. He was rebellious. He did not like the atmosphere in the school and feared a nervous breakdown. With the help of Yuri he got a medical certificate to keep him away from school. Albert hated noise, violence and torture on seeing his landlady being beaten by her husband. He took keen interest in Maths. He had few friends in Munich. He was the worst liar. He was quite frank. He admitted before the headmaster that he wanted to leave the school of his own.

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