Wednesday, February 9, 2022

MCQs - Class XI - Woven Words - The World is Too Much With Us by William Wordsworth

Multiple Choice Questions based on the poem: The World is Too Much With Us by William Wordsworth, keeping in mind the latest online test pattern in CBSE Schools due to COVID pandemic. 

  1. The poem ‘The World is Too Much with Us’ is a poem by 

  1. William Wordsworth 

  1. William Butler Yeats 

  1. Samuel Tailor Coleridge 

  1. William Blake 

  1. The poem ‘The World is Too Much With Us’ poem written in 

  1. Iambic dimeter 

  1. Iambic trimeter 

  1. Iambic tetrameter 

  1. Iambic pentameter 

  1. What is the genre of the poem ‘The World is Too Much With Us’? 

  1. Petrarchan Sonnet 

  1. Shakespearean Sonnet 

  1. Spenserian Sonnet 

  1. Miltonic Sonnet 

  1. Which option explains the title ‘The World is Too Much With Us’ more appropriately? 

  1. We are attached to the world a lot and it is a good thing 

  1. The world is too complex to handle 

  1. People are giving time to their family and friends 

  1. People have become so concerned with worldly material things that they have neglected the natural world. 

  1. What is the theme of the poem ‘The World is Too Much With Us’? 

  1. Denouncing materialism 

  1. Impact of the busy life 

  1. Loss of Nature and the natural world 

  1. All the above 

  1. What does the poet criticise in this poem? 

  1. The world of the first industrial revolution 

  1. People’s attitude towards materialism 

  1. People’s attitude towards nature 

  1. All of the above 

  1. How many Greek Gods are described in this poem? 

  1. Two  

  1. Three 

  1. Four 

  1. None 

  1. What is the quality of sea God Proteus? 

  1. He is indestructible and undefeatable 

  1. He can assume different shapes 

  1. He remains constant 

  1. He represents worldly things 

  1. What is the quality of Triton God? 

  1. He blows his conch in order to calm the waves 

  1. He represents fire and ice 

  1. He is a demigod of the sea 

  1. Both A and C 

  1. “The sea that bares her bosom to the moon” which figure of speech has been used in this line? 

  1. Simile 

  1. Metaphor  

  1. Personification 

  1. Synecdoche 

  1. The poet William Wordsworth’s poem mostly deal with 

  1. Humble and Rustic life 

  1. Industrial Revolution 

  1. The violent aspect of Nature 

  1. Day to day experience of the common man 

  1. Find out the figure of speech in the following lines: “the winds that will be howling at all hours”? 

  1. Assonance 

  1. Personification 

  1. Both A and B 

  1. None of the Above 

  1. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem? 





  1. How many lines are there in the poem? 

  1. 12 

  1. 14 

  1. 16 

  1. 18 

  1. Who wishes to remain as pagan in the poem? 

  1. Tribal Man 

  1. Poet himself 

  1. Common Man 

  1. Nature 



4. D 

7. A 

10. C 

13. A 

5. D 

8. B 

11. A 

14. B 

6. D 

9. D 

12. C 

15. B 



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