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Poets and Pancakes - Extract Based Questions

Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:

Q. 1. His success in films overshadowed and dwarfed his literary achievements-or so his critics felt. He composed several truly original story poems, in folk refrain and diction and also wrote a sprawling novel Thillana Mohanambal with dozens of very defty etched characters. He quite successfully recreated the mood and manner of the Devdasis of the early 20th century. He was an amazing actor-he never aspired to the lead roles- but whatever subsidiary role he played in any of the films, he performed better than the supposed main players. He has a genuine love for anyone he came across and his house was a permanent residence for dozens of near and far relations and acquaintances.

(CBSE Question Bank, 2021)

  1. Which of these statements is NOT TRUE about Subbu?

    1. His literary accomplishments stole the limelight from his films.

    2. He was a gifted poet and writer and his literary works were noteworthy.

    3. He was selfless in nature and was towards others. Empathetic

    4. He never hankered after lead roles and performed minor roles in films.

  2. The word 'sprawling' has been used with the word 'novel'. Pick the option with which the word 'sprawling' CANNOT be used.

    1. Metropolis

    2. Handwriting

    3. Campus

    4. Portrait

  3. The phrase 'deftly etched' shows that Subbu 

    1. created the roles delicately

    2. was skilful in creating the characters.

    3. pondered beyond necessity about the characters

    4. gave very little thought to the characters.

  4. Pick the options that best describe Subbu according to the extract.
    1. Benevolent
    2. Powerful
    3. Accomplished
    4. Witty
    5. Generous
    6. Temperamental

    1. 4,5 & 6

    2. 2, 3 & 4

    3. 1, 3 & 5

    4. 3, 4 & 6

  5. Pick the quote which best describes Subbu's role in Gemini Studios based on the story. (CBSE Question Bank, 2021)
    1. Life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful.
    2. The more a person limits himself, the more resourceful he becomes.
    3. Success is not about your resources. It's about how resourceful you are with what you have.
    4. Resourcefulness: Seeing where you want to go and taking the first step.

    1. Option 1

    2. Option 2

    3. Option 3

    4. Option 4

  6. What was the full name of Subbu?

    1. K. Mangalam Subbu

    2. Subbu K. Mangalam

    3. Kothamangalam Subbu

    4. Kotmangalam Subbu


1-A, 2-D, 3-B, 4-C, 5-C, 6-C

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