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Class XII - Flamingo Prose - Poets and Pancakes - Various Themes


Themes in Poets and Pancakes

  1. Nepotism and Fawning at the place of work: Kothamangalam Subbu reaches the position of second in command at the Gemini Studios because of favouritism by virtue of being born a Brahman. He had the ability to look cheerful at all times even after...a flop film.' He was a poet, a novelist, and yet, the office boy believes that all this success might have been 'because he seemed so close and intimate with The Boss'. Another reason for Subbu's success might be that 'his general demeanour...resembled as sycophant's.

  2. The hierarchy at the place of work: 'A strict hierarchy was maintained in the make-up department. The chief make-up man applied make-up on the chief actors and actresses, his senior assistant looked after the second hero and heroine, and the junior assistant looked after the comedian. The office boy, who feels jealous of Subbu, is on the lowest stage of the hierarchical ladder.

  3. Social Integration at the place of work: While partiality, flattery and grading order are argumentative in nature, it is surprising to know that social assimilation was closely followed in Gemini Studios. As such, the make-up department was first headed by a Bengali who was succeeded by a Maharashtrian. The Maharashtrian was assisted by a Dharwar Kannadiga, an Andhra, a Madras Indian Christian, an Anglo-Burmese and then, of course, there were the local Tamils.

  4. Publicity at the place of work: Unfortunately, Gemini Studios became a battlefield for advertising in which the people, who worked in Studios, became the confused, dazed and unfortunate victims in a war of attitudes and schools of thought that they didn't really understand! The Moral Re-Armament army's hidden agenda was to counter International Communism'. It was with this express purpose that they visited Madras in 1952. Later, when Stephen Spender visited Gemini Studios, it was to propagate the virtues of Communism. Although his speech was interspersed with words like 'freedom' and 'democracy, his accent left them baffled" 

  5. Jealousy at the place of work: Asokamitran describes jealousy at great length. In this case, there was one person who was jealous of Kothamangalam Subbu. This was the office boy who had 'entered the studios years ago in the hope of becoming a star actor or a top screenwriter', but he had not managed to any of them. He was in his early forties and looked at Subbu with envy. "In all instances of frustration, you will always find the anger directed towards a single person openly or covertly and this man of the make-up department was convinced that all his woes, ignominy and neglect were due to Kothamangalam Subbu.' Subbu had managed to write poetry, he had written a novel. and 'He was an amazing actor all of which the Office boy had wanted but could never achieve.

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