Sunday, October 23, 2022

Modals Practice Questions

I. Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals.
(Answer key given below)
1. We_____obey our teachers.(have to, must).
2. She_____ not buy car.(has to, need).
3. We____hurry to catch the train.(need,must)
4. You_____not litter the classroom. (Should,could)
5. You____ reach in time. (Must, have to).
6. We_____ prepare our lessons well before examination.(ought to, must).
7. Do you_____cook your own meal? (Have to, should)
8. The villagers_____use kerosene lamps a few years ago. (Must, had to).
9. We____exercise daily.(ought to, need).
10. You____consult a physician.(should, need).

Answer key:-
1. Must
2. Need
3. Must
4. Should
5. Have to
6. Must
7. Have to
8. Had to
9. Ought to
10. Should

(More questions will be uploaded soon)

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