Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Art of Note - Making

Purpose of Note - Making

• To revise lessons before examinations.
• To write a report or any composition 
• To plan a speech or any lecture.
• To convey any message only by giving important details.
• To make presentation 
• To summarize the text that you have read.

Steps to make proper notes:-

Step 1: Notice the important information that has been underlined.
Step 2: Read the passage again asking yourself questions and answering them as you read.
Step 3: With the help of the answers note down the main points. Write the points without full forms of the verbs.
Notice: Two or three related ideas can be combined into one point.
• Use of colons
• Use of the long dash
Step 4: Now go over the facts and number them.
Step 5: Finally we go over the facts and number them again.

Characteristics of Note-Making

Notes need not be written in grammatically correct sentences.
Notes are much shorter than original text.
The main points and the supporting details are distinguished.
Many unimportant words, helping words etc. are usually dropped out.
Information is condensed by using symbols, abbreviations, shorter words etc.
Try not to exceed 5 words in every heading and supporting points.
Try to complete the notes within 4 to 5 headings.
Notes should be presented in a systematic manner that brings out the structure of the original text.
Headings and supporting details are numbered.
Finally, the summary is prepared on the basis of the notes. It should not exceed the limit of 80 words.

Hope this article helps u in note making and makes learning easy for u!
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