Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Prepositions - Explanation with Examples

Prepositions: Words that show the relationship between two nouns are called prepositions.
• These are generally placed before nouns or pronouns.
For example: She is living in Delhi.

Types of prepositions:-
1. Preposition of place:-
Example: I live at Kolkata in India.

2. Preposition of direction:-
Example: The dog ran towards the cat.

3. Preposition of transport:-
Example: I go to school by my bike.

4. Preposition of time:-
Example: I shall go to bed at 10 pm.

5. Preposition of source:-
Example: We bought these apples from the market.

6. Preposition of reason:-
Example: I am working hard for earning name and fame.

Some important distinctions:-

• by and with
eg. The cake was cut by Rahul (doer) with a knife (instrument).

• between- among
between (for two persons / things)
e.g. The property was divided between the two sons,
among (for more than two)
e.g. Sweets were distributed among children..

• beside - besides 

beside (by the side of)
e.g. The king sat beside the queen. 
besides (in addition to)
e.g. Besides a scooter, he owns a car.

• on-upon

on (fppor things at rest)
e.g. The cat sat on the table.
e.g. The cat jumped upon the table

 • in-into

in (for position)
e.g. He is in bed.
into (with verbs of motion)
e.g. He went into the room.

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