Monday, November 27, 2023

50 Practice Questions on re-ordering re-arrangement of sentences class XI CBSE English Core

50 practice questions that you can use for reordering exercises:

1. boys/the/was/the/playground/playing/in/football
2. mountain/hikers/lost/getting/while/were/the/on/down/the/they
3. are/flowers/daughter/the/garden/tending/my/in/my
4. computer/last/night/my/broke/while/I/was/downloading/files
5. movie/the/I/night/watched/a/yesterday/great
6. guests/the/preparing/are/the/for/dinner/hostess
7. the/their/in/greatly/company/worked/engineers/improved
8. that/the/surprised/children/discovered/were/their/presents
9. arrived/just/in/we/the/theater/showtime/at
10. to/tourists/the/historical/sites/visited/guided/by/were
11. the/sunset/over/mountains/breathtaking/was/the
12. quickly/the/storm/shelter/rain/into/sought/as/the/we
13. teacher/the/student/to/listen/advised/attentively/the
14. ran/bus/the/missed/they/to/the
15. the/artist/incredible/on/canvas/an/painted/piece
16. dogs/on/are/porch/the/sleeping/the
17. prepared/for/everyone/a/dinner/grand/hosted/party
18. a/loved/my/new/book/I/reading
19. a/lost/found/I/while/was/wallet/I/shopping
20. the/they/plants/garden/the/every/tend/morning/to
21. out/take/a/walk/every/morning/I
22. their/were/engagement/the/excited/about/couple/news
23. the/of/forest/were/the/majestic/trees/tall
24. the/took/photographs/trip/they/entire/of/the
25. the/was/homework/last/night/finishing/I/up/late
26. the/the/before/a/wedding/spent/day/bride/nervously
27. unexpected/visited/had/friends/we/our/who/unexpectedly
28. brought/a/friend/the/concert/invited/I/last/minute
29. mother/the/kitchen/cooking/was/busily/in/my
30. sunflowers/in/was/full/bloom/the/garden
31. decided/students/they/to/organize/a/protest
32. in/night/woke/the/heard/up/we/the/a/storm
33. mountain/a/they/on/camped/the/top/of
34. are/a/animals/variety/there/of/in/the/zoo
35. the/the/brought/family/whole/picnic
36. her/successful/to/was/efforts/the/due/teamwork
37. became/happy/the/news/the/made/couple
38. the/are/plants/their/every/morning/tending/gardeners
39. students/teachers/discussions/the/organized/topic/on
40. the/sunset/over/breathtaking/the/mountains/was
41. the/they/desert/in/explored/remote/the
42. the/guests/a/they/threw/party/surprise/for
43. are/pets/our/happy/healthy/and
44. the/took/they/leisurely/a/stroll/park/in/the
45. amazing/a/made/they/discovery/scientific
46. themselves/in/situation/awkward/they/an/found
47. the/his/around/walked/he/garden/with/grandfather
48. skills/developed/the/over/years/has/artist/many
49. the/are/interested/kids/in/games/playing/video
50. the/decided/suddenly/they/to/change/plans

Answer Key:

1. The boys were playing football in the playground.
2. While getting down the mountain, the hikers were lost.
3. In my garden, my daughter is tending to the flowers.
4. My computer broke down last night while I was downloading files.
5. I watched a great movie yesterday night.
6. The hostess is preparing for dinner guests.
7. Engineers in their company greatly improved their work.
8. The children were surprised that they discovered their presents.
9. We arrived at the theater just in time for the show.
10. Tourists were guided to historical sites.
11. The sunset over the mountains was breathtaking.
12. As the storm approached, they sought shelter quickly.
13. The teacher advised the student to listen attentively.
14. They ran to the bus to not miss it.
15. The artist painted an incredible piece on canvas.
16. The dogs are sleeping on the porch.
17. Everyone prepared for a grand dinner hosted party.
18. I loved reading my new book.
19. While shopping, I found a wallet I had lost.
20. Every morning, they tend to the plants in the garden.
21. I take a walk every morning.
22. The couple was excited about their engagement news.
23. The tall trees in the forest were majestic.
24. They took photographs of the entire trip.
25. I was up late finishing my homework last night.
26. The bride nervously spent the day before the wedding.
27. We unexpectedly visited friends who unexpectedly had our news.
28. I invited a friend to the concert last minute.
29. In my kitchen, my mother was busily cooking.
30. Sunflowers in the garden were in full bloom.
31. Students decided to organize a protest.
32. We woke up in the night as we heard a storm.
33. They camped on the top of a mountain.
34. There is a variety of animals in the zoo.
35. The family brought a whole picnic.
36. The team was successful due to their efforts and teamwork.
37. The news made the couple happy.
38. The gardeners are tending to their plants every morning.
39. Teachers organized discussions on the topic.
40. The sunset over the mountains was breathtaking.
41. They explored the remote desert.
42. They threw a surprise party for their guests.
43. Our pets are happy and healthy.
44. They took a leisurely stroll in the park.
45. They made an amazing scientific discovery.
46. They found themselves in an awkward situation.
47. He walked around the garden with his grandfather.
48. The artist has developed many skills over the years.
49. The kids are interested in playing video games.
50. They suddenly decided to change plans.

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