Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Class 10 - NCERT - First Flight - The Ball Poem - Poem - John Berryman

Central Idea of the Poem
 "The Ball Poem' looks like a simple story of a young boy losing his ball. The boy is severely upset over the loss. Normally, it may seem like a great overreaction. Children lose things as their toys and balls quite often. Usually, no fuss should be made about such a small thing. But the ball seems to be symbolising the poet's childhood. The boy becoming an adult, loses his childhood. He was clinging onto his childhood for so long. The poet accepts the changes in his life. Although he is still suffering yet he is learning to move on from his fleeting childhood. The true theme of the poem is that we should cherish every moment of life. Life is really very short. The poet realises that it is very difficult to deal with the loss but it must be done. We should move on as there is no use in wasting precious time and life.

Main points of the poem:-
1. The young boy lost his ball.
2. He was playing and saw the ball bouncing down the street.
3. Then, in the end the ball fell down into the water and lost forever. 
4. The boy sees everything happening before his eyes but he is helpless. 
5. He only stands there helplessly moaning at the loss of the ball.
6. The loss of the ball may appear to be an ordinary incident.
7. It seems that boys lose such balls many times while they are playing.
8. The boy should not make a fuss over it. 
9. The loss of ball is symbolic. It has a deeper meaning.

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