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Fiction, Chapter 3 - The Man Who Knew too Much - Class-IX English-A

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Answer these questions-

Question- What is a nickname? Can you suggest another one for private Quelch?
Answer- a nickname is a name given to a person (except the real name) in any kind of feeling (affection, jealousy etc.) or which describes his or her traits.
         Another name for private Quelch can be ‘Mr. know all ’.

Question- Private Quelch looked like a ‘professor’ when the author first met him at the training depot. Why?
Answer- When the author first met him at the training depot, his lanky, stooping posture, his frown and his horn rimmed spectacles made him look like a professor.

Question- What does the dark sun dried appearance of the sergeant suggest about him?
Answer- The dark sun dried appearance of the sergeant suggests that he was very experienced and had dedicated his life to the army. He was not a man to be trifled with and knew his subject well.

Question- How was private Quelch’s knowledge exposed even further as the sergeant’s classes went on?
Answer- As the sergeant’s classes went on and he finished his lecture he questioned everybody including the professor. The professor answered every question with confidence and accuracy and thus, his knowledge was exposed even further.

Question- What did the professor meant by intelligent reading?
Answer- By intelligent reading the professor means to do a thorough study through observation and have as much knowledge about any subject as possible.

Question- What were the professor’s ambition in the army?
Answer- The professor wanted to get a commission in the army. His first step was to get a stripe.

Question- Did private Quelch’s day to day practices take him closer towards his goal? How can you make out?
Answer- Private Quelch was hardworking and intelligent with a clear goal. But his habit of exhibiting his knowledge in the hope of impressing was his backdrop. This habit of his was extremely irritating and the reason he was appointed to the back quarters of the kitchen.

Question- Describe corporal Turnbull.
Answer- Corporal Turnbull was a young officer who had come from Dunkirk. He was disciplined and the squad used to admire him a lot. His personality commanded respect and he was known for his toughness.
Question- How did Private Quelch manage to anger the corporal?
Answer- Private Quelch interrupted the corporal in the midst of his lecture and tried to correct him where he was already correct. Then he compared the corporal’s way with the way of another instructor and showed off as if he was an expert on the subject and thus, managed to anger the corporal.

Question- Do you think that private Quelch learnt a lesson when he was chosen for cookhouse duties? Give reasons.
Answer- No, I don’t think private Quelch learnt his lesson when he was chosen for cookhouse duties because the write narrates over hearing him addressing the cooks about their unscientific method of peeling potatoes. This shows that he still used to show off his knowledge whenever he got the chance.

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