Sunday, February 1, 2015

Class X Literature - Footprints Without Feet - L-6 The Making of a Scientist

  1. What lesson does Ebright learn when he does not win anything at a science fair? Ebright learns that it is the experimentation that is important in science and not just showing the process. 
  2. What experiments and projects does he then undertake? He undertakes projects which involved the insect work.. In his eighth grade Ebright tried to find the cause of a viral disease that kills nearly all monarch caterpillars every few years.
  3. What are the qualities that go into the making of a Scientist? Curious mind, competitive spirit, determination and positive thinking are some of the qualities that go into the making of a scientist.
  4. How can one become a scientist? One can become a scientist or expert in any other subject by observing, thinking and doing experiments.

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